Are you unable to reach all your target customers because of limited resources?

Are you reaping reduced profits because of middlemen?

Is demonstrating your products/services to KDM in an Edu. Inst. your biggest challenge?

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Wide Market

Overcome geographical limitations and expand customer reach across the country. Now, not just conquering new markets, but adding more brands and expanding into newer categories becomes much easier. You can also launch and test new products or markets to expand your business and product exposure.

No Middlemen & Big Earnings

A strong supply chain will be established with a direct link between you and buyers as middlemen are eliminated and your customers are free from bearing their costs. You get an opportunity to sell your products and services straight from the source and increase your profits to a great extent.

Verified Edu. Institutions

Our Account-Based Marketplace is first of its kind where all the users of our platform are grouped to their respective educational institutions and further with their roles, which enables you to do zero waste promotional marketing by specifically targeting the right educational institutions and the right person in an institution to market your products and services based on their location, education, board, and strength.

Connecting educational
institutions and
manufacturers in India.

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Features that make us
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With our powerful Client Management System in your dashboard, you can understand your customer better with analytics, set product visibility, run promotional campaigns, provide exceptional customer service, and keep track of leads.

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You can give the most complete and updated catalog to your customers and better market your products/services.

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My Connects Helps you Connect Securely Your Way

Whenever a buyer calls you, our Preferred Number Service will connect you with the buyer, triggering simultaneous rings of all your numbers registered with us. This ensures that you do not miss any business call. It also helps you avoid the disclosure of your original number to buyers as a Virtual Number is displayed to them instead.

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Live Chat is a fantastic way to build long-term relationships with your customers. You can provide superior customer support with Live Chat and answer their queries quickly, enabling you to strengthen your credibility and widen your customer base.

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If a customer likes your products, he/she can book an appointment immediately with our self-service scheduling tools, which incredibly simplifies the meeting process while making your business available 24x7 in the geographic regions where you operate.

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Samples & Demo: Our Samples and Demo features allow your customers to experience the products live with great flexibility. Samples: Customers can place free sample requests of your products and we will deliver them by picking them up from your warehouse. They can also track the delivery status. By showcasing your product through samples, you can eliminate the doubt and fear in potential customers and allow them to know how your product works and feels without involving any risk. Demo: Users can place a request for your product/service demonstration, which gives you an opportunity to meet them in person and also dispel the concerns they have about your product/service.

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Quotes is a feature designed to give buyers access to the product/service information they need to proceed with a sale and enable them to communicate well with interested sellers. You can provide them with personalized quotes and initiate the sales process immediately.

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Equal Opportunity to promote your products/services organically

We ensure equal business opportunity to all manufacturers as they are sorted according to their organic strength without any premium memberships or paid promotions. We introduce you to a world of opportunities with our three-step lead conversational features Stories, Play and Learn. With advanced tools built on our platform, you can personalize your Play and Learn campaigns to reach a very specific and niche audience, giving you access to serious and more qualified buyers on the basis of the educational institution's location, educational level, board, and strength.


With Stories, you can upskill buyers with your articles and build your brand awareness.


With Play, you can deliver your product sales-deck digitally, pose a few related questions, and reward your prospects for the right answers.


With Learn, you will get an opportunity to train your prospects on educational events and directly meet them in person.

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