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About Us


MyVerkoper is an exclusive B2B e-marketplace that connects educational institutions with manufacturers meeting their needs.

Our services provide a range of choices to increase the efficacy of buyers in procurement and sellers in marketing processes, thereby transforming the way they operate their business processes. Our integrated platform enables buyers and sellers to engage with each other more efficiently.


To be the single platform that connects all educational institutions and manufacturers in India for their business procurements and sales.


To create an organized marketplace that provides various products or services to educational institutions and enables buyers and sellers to redefine their procurement and marketing processes.


Our exclusive marketplace, through our personalized features, reinforces our belief to create a unique platform where buyers and sellers can meet to find the ‘right fit’ for their business needs. The exclusive features of our marketplace enable the buyers to buy the right products through a wide range of choices offered to them, while simultaneously enabling the sellers to find the right buyer through a wide range of markets offered to them.

To give a pragmatic shape to our philosophy, we have conceived an exclusive marketplace with various features for buyers such as Preview, Meet, Live, Stories, Play and Learn and for sellers such as Account-Based Marketplace & Customer-Centric Catalog to personalize the sourcing experiences of buyers and selling experiences of sellers by fully equipping them to overcome every business challenge.


Our business is built on the core values of ethical business practices. We dont offer premium memberships and paid promotions to sellers on our platform, who are sorted based on their organic strength to give authentic buying experience to buyers. We don't take any unfair advantage from both buyers and sellers. We provide equal opportunity to sellers on our platform to promote their products/services ‘organically’. We ensure educational institutions directly benefit from seller promotions through our features such as Stories, Play and Learn.


MyVerkoper was incorporated in 2018, but the idea for the company was conceived by its founder, Mr. Nithin, a year before its incorporation. His stint with the highly unorganized educational industry triggered in him the idea of organizing it through an exclusive e-marketplace for educational institutions. He observed the need for bridging the gap between manufacturers and educational institutions to improve their business efficiencies by providing better communication between them. This led to the conception of the exclusive e-marketplace,